Blessings and prayers

A New Year’s Eve blessing

As a challenging and era-defining year closes, I offer a few words to invite gentle reflection. Wishing you a brighter, kinder 2021 ❤️

On New Year’s Eve
The lamp of the year burns low
Seconds start racing like sand to the bottom of the hourglass
And the sun seems barely to have made an appearance before the shadows grow long again

Today, you are invited to hold a quiet moment for the year that has passed
All its joys, all its sorrows, all its strivings and all its flowing
The days you have lived
They are a skin you are ready to shed
The days of 2020
Are ready to leave you, and you them

But before the seconds slip away

May you hold a soft and quiet moment
And offer yourself gratitude
For you, dear one, have survived

You have persevered
You have evolved
You have endured

May you take a moment, clasp hands to heart,
And honour all the deaths, big and small, near and far
That you have experienced this year
May you honour the learning
The scar tissue, the rings of growth, which you carry with you
Into a new year

May you go, slowly, with kindness
Into the days ahead
Trusting they will unfold as they will

You need not rush into anything
You need not expose new skin to cold winds
You are perfectly good enough as you are
To meet the coming year.

So go kindly into 2021, dear one
And may 2021 be kind to you
And to all of us

May it be so.

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