Blessings and prayers

A prayer for George Floyd

Dearest George Floyd,

Already you have gone beyond where our prayers can call you back to this life
May you find your way to fragrant lands

It breaks my heart that you have gone to be with a chorus of precious souls
Snatched from their flesh by police violence.

Dear George, I’m so sorry that we didn’t prevent this
May your passage home be blessed
In our memories may we hold you in power.

To that which is greater and kinder than us –
Forgive us this blasphemy against sacred life

Forgive us that we willfully choose to forget our oneness
Forget that if any of us are in bondage, we are none of us free

Let us feel the full force of your anger

May it scorch us.

Grant us the truest repentance – the kind which changes us, which purifies us with cleansing fire, which turns us in a new direction

Make us fearsome instruments of unrelenting love
Help us rid this world of this scourge
Of white supremacist oppression

Bless the souls of that angelic chorus, bless them above the blessed
May we never again add to their number.

If you’re ready to do more, details of where to donate and how to protest this murder can be found:

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