Blessings and prayers

A blessing for those prone to comparison

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Dearest one,

Firstly, know that to compare is so very human

You are not alone!

But also know this – comparison is the thief of joy
It is voracious, and will leave you poor and hungry

The violence of comparing yourself unfavourably with another human
Is to deny a miracle
It will transform sweet wine into bitter water

The relief of comparing yourself favourably with another human
Is like pocketing a bag of Leprechaun’s Gold
It looks lovely as it glints in the light
But once you reach out your hand to take it, it will disappear,
Leaving you exactly as you were before

Loved one, you can step out of the line-up
You can leave the race
You can choose your own path.

To start,
May you count each blessing, missing not even the tiniest one.

Rather than counting the blades of green grass on another’s lawn, be instead greedy with your own blessings
Count them daily
Covet them like a dragon guards her gold
These treasures will not lose their lustre

And, if you want to feel really full
Take this moment to close your eyes
Visualise the one person who represents all the things you wish you could have
And send them a little kindness
Just a little
A thimble-full, if that’s all you can spare

And experience the freedom of letting that person

Out of the prison of your longing heart
And may this allow room for all the wonderful things you so richly deserve
To enter in.

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