Blessings and prayers

Covid-19: a prayer for our dead

In our hearts and minds
From homes across this land
We gather

We join with one another
To call down blessings on the over two million souls
Who have died from this virus

An unimaginable number
A collective of souls more possessing of love, life, spirit and worth than can be counted

The grandparents
The children
The mothers
The sisters
The friends
The lovers
The ones we found it hard to love
The ones we never got the chance to love

We could never weep enough
It is a loss and a grief too wide to comprehend
But we honour our need to mourn

With our heavy hearts, we lift up the dead

May we do so in our memories
In our actions as people
And the decisions we make as communities

May we create a kinder, fairer world in their memory
May we look after the ones who have been left behind
May we right the imbalances, the injustices which allowed black and brown communities to be robbed of the greatest number of precious ones.

To every single one of the 2.74 million souls – we honour you

Nothing can carve meaning out of your needless deaths
But we will remember you.

May we bless you when we weep
May we remember you when we laugh

Your lives mattered
May ours be a tribute to you


May you go on to wherever is next, laughing and free.

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