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Spring equinox/Ostara: a blessing

On the Spring Equinox, which in the Celtic wheel of the year is called Ostara, the day and night are of equal length. It’s a point of balance in the year, and the threshold of the warmer, greener days of summer to come. This blessing invites you to align yourself with this celebration of new life & growth.

On the spring equinox
When light and dark are in perfect balance,
May you feel life start to grow again in places that have been fallow
May you gently open yourself to new possibilities

May your inbreath invite abundance,
Your outbreath joy
Abundance, joy
Abundance, joy

This year,
The grounds of our community, our shared humanity, our very being
Have felt dry and unnourishing

But if the tenderest green stem
Can push through hard soil
Always knowing which way is ‘up’
To bloom under the sun

How much stronger must our spirits be?
And how much more resplendent their blossoming?

May the fragile shoots
Of newness grow
In our hearts and our communities

May this be a time when we all equally stand in the sun
Bend in the gentle breeze
Move in the direction of growth with ease
Accept and receive our birthright:

To breathe in abundance, to breathe out joy.

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