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Tend to your animal ways – a Monday reflection

My latest brief reflection to help you enter a new week with a little mindfulness.

This Monday morning,
Before you clock in
Before you sit down at a desk
Or sprint off on the school run
May you remind yourself

That you are not a computer
You cannot be plugged in
Or put on mute

You, my love, are an animal

So this week
Try tending to your sweet animal ways

Find time to sniff the morning air,
Like a deer leaving the tree line for the meadow
Pay attention to the language of birdsong
As though you yourself are the blackbird’s true love

Bask in a ray of dust-moted sunlight like a spoilt house cat
Fluff up your feathers like a duck re-emerging from cold waters
Splash about in the shower like a frolicking dog
(In general, always try to be more like a dog)

This week
Tend to your animal ways
And you will find that your spirit is perfectly well cared-for.

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