Blessings and prayers

Autumn equinox blessing

On the autumn equinox, light and dark come into balance
And, as they dance together, light cedes to dark for a season

We look to the darkening sky,
Bring in the fruits of the year
Light the lamps
And let the fields rest.

Autumn invites you
To slow down.
To allow yourself to rest, and for the days that have passed to settle down into the rich silt of your deeper grounding

Be not afraid of the dormant season, dear one
If the earth, which is our source, must rest, so must you

The seeds of your hopes may lie sleeping in the dark earth, but there they are both safe and nourished,
They cannot bloom in the light without first taking their winter rest.
You can trust them to the earth
You can release them.

So do not fear the dark, dear one
The dark is where we originate from
It is a place your soul remembers
From long before you could know

On this autumn equinox
May you deeply trust
That your soul is being tended to
You dreams are being nourished
And there is nothing you need to do to deserve this time of rest.

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