Blessings and prayers

For the one who has run out of good cheer: a blessing

If you arrive at this Christmas season depleted
If your stores of comfort and joy were not replenished sufficiently through the year

Then, friend, that is more than fair

May you offer yourself loving acceptance and deep understanding
May you gently release the need to dredge up stores of glee that may not exist

May you look within
And see what you really need during this season
May offering yourself simple kindnesses
Be your Christmas gift to you this year

This Christmas
May you be well
May you be held in love
And may you trust
That your portion of happiness and joy
Is not finite
It has not run out forever
And will return

Then perhaps, we might find a sip of courage
To be like the innkeeper of Bethlehem
Who looked at what he had to give
And offered it expecting nothing back
And which turned out to be
The little space which invited in the possibility of a miracle

And may that make all the difference.

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