Blessings and prayers

Blessing for when your confidence has been knocked

When our foundations have been rattled
When we’ve had a knock
It can panic us further to feel that
Our sense of self is less secure
Than we thought

When your confidence has been shaken

You may feel brittle
Like an autumn leaf that has been callously dropped to earth
You may feel
As tender
As a coconut’s soft flesh exposed to the sunlight
You may feel both at once

Dear one,
I can’t know the moments which robbed you of the foundational truth
That you don’t simply have worth
You are worthy
You don’t simply deserve love
You are love

You do not need to argue with the voices which tell you you aren’t good enough
You simply offer them each compassion
Offer kind comfort to your selves, past and present,
Whatever warmth you can spare in your depleted state

If you do only one thing
Remind yourself
That not every voice inside you right now
Is trustworthy
And that the loud, hurtful one
Which says with awful, smiling condescension
“This proves what I’ve always known. You aren’t good enough.”
Is the brutish bodyguard
Of your most grievous hurt
A hurt which deserves love and healing

It’s as human, as universal, to crave acceptance
As it is to fail to be able to see your inherent completeness

May you realise, with time
That you are beautifully, audaciously enough
And have been
Since the day you were born
The entire universe reflects the birthright of your worthiness back to you.

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