Blessings and prayers

A psalm to our earth

To mother earth, our source
The firstborn of creation

We turn our hearts to you

We are so far sundered from you
That we have forgotten
That you are our substance
We your emanation

When I breathe the new morning air
When I touch my feet to the soil
When I find myself beside the great mirror of the ocean
I feel deep reverence

The only word for you is

In you I find connection
Among your creatures I am never alone
Under your boughs I am protected

Forgive us for the ways in which we’ve hurt you
Sucked up resources, taken things that weren’t ours
Forgive us for the precious species that we have violently pushed into non-being
Forgive us, mother, and let us not turn away from our guilt
But soften our hearts
And transform it
The way the winter meltwater flows down and creates living rivers
Thaw our hearts
Turn our guilt, our apathy, our helplessness
Into action both loving and relentless

May our actions come to honour you
May we reshape our values in your image
In our mission
May we be
As tireless as the seed questing towards a sun it cannot see
As discerning as the forest which listens with unseen ears
As open-hearted and receptive as the ocean
As generous as the early morning rain
Teach us anew how to be in right relationship
May we learn from you and for you

May we heal ourselves
So that we may heal you

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